Cairn Applications

Mission Critical Solutions For Waste Haulers

Cairn Applications Inc. is a Massachucetts-based SaaS developer focused on the waste hauling industry. We provide cloud-based enterprise level solutions enabling small to mid-sized companies in the vertical to compete with their larger region competitors.

Our solutions provide:

  • Order Management
  • Logistics
  • Billing
  • Merchant Services
  • Asset Tracking
  • Employee Tracking
  • Navigation
  • CRM
  • Automated Customer Communication

Our project are best in class, high performance solutions delivered at an attractive price point for our clients.

Why the cloud?

Unlike software delivered via traditional distribution strategiesi, our “born in the cloud” solutions are platform, device, and geographically agnostic. Requiring only an internet connection and a web browser, we can deliver high performance solutions to any device anywhere in the word 24/7/365.

Further, by avoiding app stores, we are not subjected to the delays, expense, or other external disruptions experienced by developers leveraging that channel.

The result is the ability to quickly implement new functionality for all clients while simultaneously un-tethering them from traditional work settings which are rapidly receding.