Cairn Applications

Cairn Applications Origin Story

Founded by James Moser in 2008, at the onset of the great recession, Cairn Applications began life as a boutique web design shop building web sites for local clients in and around Manchester, New Hampshire. Branching into Mr Moser's background of software development Cairn started taking on web application clients including a vibration spectrum analysis app for GTI Spindle and a private file system for HealthMetrics.

By 2011, waste hauling clients, from a previous venture, began requesting updates on the early versions of Box Tracker which Cairn now began delivering over the web. This new, fledgling version of the Box Tracker project gained the attention of an upstate New York franchisee of the Bin There Dump That.

In 2014 Cairn signed a 46 year contract to deliver a white label version of the Box Tracker project exclusively for the Bin There Dump That franchisees. The Box Tracker project was also upgraded and we began onboarding waste hauling clients all over the US and Canada.

In 2016 Angela Moser joined the firm to provide much needed customer support relief. This same year we began integrating automated billing and merchant services into the platforms adding considerably to Cairn's bottom line.

By 2019 Cairn was supporting 2 additional franchise organizations Firefighter Dumpsters out of Texas and VaVia out of Tennessee – had added a new developer to staff, and surpassed 30k dumpsters under management.

Despite the pandemic of 2020 the firm continued to sign new clients and expand it's offerings powering a top line growth of 31%. This growth facilitated the addition of a second full time developer and a second customer service rep.

In 2021 we launched our Scale House project to manage privately owned landfills and transfer stations and the Route Tracker project to facilitate commercial trash service and port-a-potty rentals.

Today Cairn Applications' team of 5 manages over 50k dumpsters for 350+ clients in every major market the United States and Canada where we facilitate nearly $1 million in commerce daily.

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