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Our products serve companies looking to leverage technology to streamline and scale their businesses. 350+ companies in the United States and Canada rely on our high performance web applications to manage every aspect of their operations.

Built based on the feedback and best practices of our energetic client base, we believe that our solutions represent the best in class solution for the verticals they serve.

Box Tracker

Our flagship product, Box Tracker focuses on managing all aspects of independent dumpster companies.

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Scale House

Our Scale House offering manages landfill and transfer station operations.

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Route Tracker

Route Tracker covers the predictable route segment which includes commercial trash services, curbside pick up, and port a-potty.

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White Labels

Given our extensive experience in the industry, several US and Canadian based dumpster franchise organizations employ Cairn Application to build and maintain Box Tracker based applications to manage their franchise organizations. For more information on white labels contact sales at 603 546 6751 ext 101.